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All are Welcome

Welcome to Hornsey Moravian Church.

I know that for many people the term Moravian has a certain sense of mystery about it. With that mystery can come uncertainty and even fear so for my first blog post on here I thought I would introduce ourselves and show you what the word Moravian is all about.

Firstly our name isn't actually Moravian. That's more of a nickname as our church ancestors travelled from a region called Moravia in what was then Czechoslovakia. Our official name is Unitas Fratrum. Translated that means, Unity of the Brethren. This comes out of an understanding that we are all united in the Love of God and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

One of the key aspects of our church is an emphasis on equality. We are all brothers and sisters and we acknowledge that we are all loved by God equally. Even though I stand at the front of church and lead worship, I know I am no more loved in the eyes of God than anybody else, within or outside of the church.

As a Church we also acknowledge that we have no human head of authority. We accept that Christ is the head of the church and therefore we have no role that is the equivalent of Pope or Archbishop. Whilst we do have bishops, these operate on a pastor to the pastor role and offer support and guidance rather than instructions and demands.

There is also an understanding of the simplicity of faith. We don't have a creed of particular doctrine that you have to sign up to in order to become a member. All we ask is that you know and love God in your heart and will play and active role in the running of the church. That is it. there no 10 page list of terms and conditions. There is no financial obligation. Just know and love God.

There is much more i could write of course, but I will save that for future posts. This is the hightlights and the main points. As our moto says,

in essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things love,”

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